5 Steps to Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Becoming wealthy begins with your mindset. Do you see the world as a cup that is half empty or half full? If you chose the former it is time for you to change those beliefs that are holding you back from the wealth you desire. Lets look at 5 things that can help you get on the road to a more wealthy mindset.

1. Stop Thinking Short Term. Stop focusing on your present situation and begin setting goals for the future. 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. The longer you can move your thinking into the future, the wealthier you will become. Doing this forces you to embrace the big picture of how you can increase your income versus the daily grind of how are you going to pay your bills.
2. Put Instant Gratification Away. We live in a microwave society. We expect everything to happen now. We also want to have instant gratification for anything we do. To become wealthy requires time, hard work and patience. Put those creature comforts on a temporary hold and focus on long term financial freedom.
3. Embrace Change. View change as an opportunity. Most people fear change before it happens and when it is happening. This will slow your progress to achieving your goals affecting your mindset in a negative way. Many people think that any change will affect them in a negative way. Wealthy people, however, expect that change, bad or good, will benefit them. Learn to welcome change and the growth that comes with it.
4. Become more of a giver. The wealthy view generosity as a necessity while most of everyone else believes they can’t afford to give. The wealthy know that the more you give, the more you receive.
5. No micro-managers allowed. Stop thinking that no one can do a task as well as you. Let go of this belief. This belief will limit your financial potential. If you worry that it won’t be done correctly. STOP and delegate. You can find someone who will do the job as well as you or maybe even better. What really matters is they are working to help you build your wealth empire.

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